Tree Climbing

In the Hanford grounds there is a big Cedar Tree with branches that touch the ground so you can climb them. In the list below the branches are numbered; they are (ordered from lowest to highest):

1. Junior Bog Roll
2. Worm’s
3. Cheetah’s
4. Sugar’s
5. Senior Bog Roll
6. Pony’s
7. Three Fingers
8. Fox’s
9. Bunny’s
10. Red Sea
11. Cubby
12. Badger’s
13. Catapult

You are not allowed to climb the tree when it has just been raining because you might slip off. If it has not been raining you have to have a member of staff supervising you. When you get really good at all the branches and you have been at Hanford for three summer terms you are allowed to teach other new girls their way around the tree.