Ponies and Animals

One of the best things about Hanford is the riding. You find out whether you are riding at break. There are lots of ponies of all shapes and sizes. Gus is a beautiful bay pony, Rosie is a fiery chestnut. Acorn is a sweet bay pony. There are many more.

As well as all the riding, you can go to the stables to groom the ponies which is also good fun. Eileen, Sue and Lucy work in the stables. Nearly everybody rides at Hanford and there are many different standards.

There are also lots of other animals including dogs, chickens and cats. Starting on dogs, some teachers who have dogs bring them to school while they teach. If you ask in break you can walk them around the grounds. The Johnstons have a dog called Truffle, Sarah C has a dog called ‘Nonsense’, Mr Riggs (the Geography and Games teacher) has a dog called Stanley, and Peggy (who works in the stables) has a dog called Tumble.


There are plenty of chickens scattered around the grounds, wherever you go you are bound to find some. Almost all of them have names given to them by Sarah or the ‘Chicken Committee’.