Play and Weekends


Afternoons are arranged so that each child will have at least one period when she may tree-climb or play with her friends, on the playground, on the lawns, or in special areas set aside for them: Tumbledown for the juniors, Chestnut village for the fifth forms.

Children quickly learn to play their own games without the need for constant adult encouragement or direction, although benign supervision is constant.

Up by Chestnut there is a playground which has been set up in memory of Lucker, a matron who worked here for a very long time and sadly died.

This playground is for everyone to play in, and there are three swings and a bar which you can do roly-poly's around.


The weekends are an important time for extended play and for the development of the child’s imagination. Some children may be involved in matches; others may ride, look after the chickens, swim, climb trees, walk in the hills, play music or organise clubs which are entirely voluntary and are for their own diversion and amusement.

These include Art Club, Gym Club, Wiggle Club (dancing), Acting Club, Computers and other games. All activities, while organized by the children, are supervised by a member of staff. Children may watch television in the evenings on Saturdays and Sundays.