Hanford has always placed great importance on good manners. Over the years a system developed which is applied as each girls' manners improve. The system works on the principle of a ladder, with each rung on the 'ladder' having a popular name attached.

As a girl arrives at Hanford she automatically starts near the bottom of the scale - and she is named a 'Boa Constrictor'. As her table manner improve she can get moved up, or if she does something dreadful she is moved down!

Every Friday, after lunch, the week’s manners are read out. Some girls may get moved up, in which case they get a sweet; other girls may get warned or get moved down. When you are moved down it doesn’t mean you have to stay in that place, you can try to get moved up again but when you are moved up again you will not get a sweet.

As you will see below there is plenty of incentive to achieve the high echelons of 'Best Granny' or 'Royal Guest' and little incentive to sit on your own when appointed a 'Piglet'!

 This is the scale (from bottom to top):

1. Piglet (must sit by themselves)
2. Cave Lady
3. Boa Constrictor
4. Hyena
5. Squirrel
6. Cat (can go to Tuck Shop on Sunday)
7. Panda
8. Primrose
9. Favourite Aunties
9. Best Granny (allowed to move people up and down in manners)
10. Royal Guest (allowed to bring their own jam or other spread and can also move people up and down)