At Hanford there are two houses. These houses are called the Main House and Fan’s House. The Main House is run by Mrs J and Fan’s House is run by Naomi.

There are matrons that are always here and some part-time matrons. There are also young matrons who come from different parts of the world to work here for a couple of terms. There two or three matrons and two nurses.

On the first floor of the Main House there are six dorms: Cromwell, Seymer, Stuart, Oak, White, Shakespeare. We have recently converted one of our dormitories (South) into a common room, where the boarders can relax in the evening.

On the top floor there are ten dorms: North, Beaumont, Fletcher, George, Herbert, Cabin, Ben Johnson, Herrick, Marvel, Pigeon Loft and Milton. These dormitories are smaller than the ones on the first floor, because the first floor used to be the main rooms in the house, but the top ones were for the servants.

In the Upper VIth (Year 8), girls move into Fan's House so that they can develop greater independence, study for exams without disturbance and prepare for life at Senior School. The dorms in Fan’s House are named after the colours on their doors: Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Red.

What the girls say:

'The easiest dorms to talk in at night are Red – any dorm on the top floor as long as you are quiet, and South. The next thing is dares; these you make up when you get here. Some of them include going down the front stairs or going to different dorms. If you get caught you either get put on the balcony (an inside balcony where you have to sit getting really cold but really it is quite fun). Or you get an S.Y.R. which stands for Serve You Right, but you only get them if you are really bad.'

'At the end of term if you have been good you can sleep at the end of your bed. At the end of term you are allowed to put in a dorm request in which you ask to be with certain people in a certain dorm (you are not allowed to say the people that you don’t want to be with). This doesn’t mean that you will definitely be in this place but you have a good chance.'