Contact with Parents

Letter writing

On Sundays after lunch all children are expected to write letters to parents or friends.


There are dedicated children's telephones which parents can call into at certain times of the day and in the evening after supper.  The girls have access to telephones which they can make outgoing call on by using a pin number linked to their individual account. 


The girls have a dedicated email address whilst they are at the school, and there is time during evening play for children to email friends and family.  

Going Out

Children are usually allowed out for the day and/or the night after lessons on Saturdays or for the day after Chapel on Sundays. The system for outings is completely flexible and nights may be taken on almost any weekend; there are no compulsory exeats.

An accompanied coach travels to and from Fleet and London on certain weekends and at half term and the beginning and end of term.

Hanford has always had girls whose parents live abroad and is well used to looking after them. We have links with Spain and schools in other European countries. Contact with parents is maintained by letter, phone or e-mail. Accompanied taxis take children to and from airports. Because there are no compulsory weekend exeats, there are always children at the school every weekend throughout the term.