Games Committee

At Hanford there are five committees. Here they are in order of responsibility:

1) The Committee
2) The HSS (Hanford Secret Service)
3) The UCA (Under Cover Agents)
4) The Marthas
5) The ER (Ever Ready)

The committees are formed by groups of 6th forms. They have an order responsibility because the main aim is to get into the highest committee as possible. If you have been acting responsibly, you might get moved up to a higher committee. The committees look after the younger girls and the school. They are helpful and are always looking out for the homesick juniors.

Each committee has its own rota for various jobs. These jobs include tidying the cloakrooms, putting away roller blades left out on the playground, picking up litter and ‘late queue’ which is writing down people who have been late for breakfast. Each committee has about 3 jobs.