Obviously, birthdays are a very important subject. If your birthday falls during term time, your friends will take a pillowcase around the dorms so people can put things in them – maybe writing paper and, if you are lucky, some sweets. Your pillowcase is a little bit like a Christmas stocking.

You can also invite your form to have a birthday tea with you, and eat a birthday cake and lots of biscuits and drinks like Coke. If you can’t get food from home, you can make a list of what you want and give it to Mrs Johnston who will get the food for you.

All the parcels and birthday cards that get sent to you are kept safe by the Matrons and given to you on your birthday.

In games time, your mother can come and see you and bring all your presents from home, but you have to get permission to be excused from Games. All in all, birthdays at school are not very bad at all!