12 November 2011

U12 Netball v Leweston

On 12 September Hanford went to play a match against Leweston.  The captain of the team was Ottilie Tabberer and she was also playing the position of GD.  Our two shooters were Isabella Lee and Franny Hunt-Davis and they did a great job of shooting, giving us a total of 13 shots.

Our defenders were brilliant when the ball got into the Leweston shooting third.  Georgia Flawn-Thomas was WD and she got the ball out of their third really well.  She also defended really well when it was a Leweston centre pass and made it hard for the Leweston WA to get the ball.

Celia McCormick played an outstanding GK and always got a loose ball or the rebound of an attempt at goal.  She definitely made sure that the ball got out of the circle and into the centre third.  Ottilie Tabberer intercepted all of the high balls and also caught a lot of the rebounds.

Fenella Carr-Smith played an excellent centre giving really nice centre passes.  Mary Petherick played WA and helped get the ball into the shooting circle.

Our reserve was Katie Beales and she had a great attempt at being GA which isn't her usual position.

Well done to all of the Leweston girls.  Overall it was a really good match.  The overall score was 13-3 to us.

Thank you to Mrs Butt and Mrs Morgan for taking us.  We all had fund.

By Mary Petherick