26 November 2011

UVIth Trip to the Theatre - "Persuasion"


The Upper Sixth went to the Salisbury Playhouse to see a fantastic production of ‘Persuasion’.

Tim Luscombe’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel, ‘Persuasion’ is a powerful, poignant and faultless production.

Anne Elliot is nineteen when she first lays eyes on the handsome and charming Captain Frederick Wentworth. Anne falls madly in love with him but he is not good enough for Anne’s father, the snooty, vain Sir Walter Elliot and Anne is persuaded to refuse his proposal of marriage. Anne is heartbroken and does not set eyes on the handsome Frederick for another eight years. When they meet again at Anne’s sisters’ house, they are both bewildered and shocked by the reunion. Will love have a chance to blossom again?

Marianne Oldham gives a breathtaking but elegant performance as Anne. Tim Delap is fantastic as the dashing Captain Wentworth. The staging is wonderfully imaginative and the lighting is used to signify the weather and the changing feelings of the characters.

This is a very elegant and entertaining play and we would definitely recommend it, especially to fans of Miss Austen!

The upper sixth would like to give a VERY big ‘Thank You to Mrs Percival and Mrs Curtis for taking us to the production. Thank You.