20 November 2011

Shipwrecked en France


On Tuesday 8th November, the lower 6th went to see ‘Shipwrecked en France’ at Leweston school.
Before the play, we did a French workshop with one of the Leweston teachers – Madame Cot. In the workshop, first we got a copy of one of the scenes in the play and we took turns to read the French character and the English. Then we were split into two groups. Each group had to think of a scene before and after the scene we were reading, write them in French and then perform them to a group of year 8 students.
All of the playlets we did were very funny and entertaining to watch as well as being fun to perform.

We then went on to see the play performed by two talented professional actors named Amandine and Simon. The play began when Tyler (Simon) got blown along the beach and landed, in his rubber dingy far, far away from his mum and hotel Napoleon whilst on holiday in France. He meets many people, mostly played by Amandine, on his way back; a policewoman, the French president Nicolas Sarkozy and a girl with a dog who always seems to be ahead of him no matter how far he walks in his bid to get back.

There was loads of audience participation and we were all pleased that we understood all the French. Obviously the French teaching at Hanford is good!

All in all it was a great day.