10 November 2011

Clayesmore - Play in a Day

Our trip to Clayesmore

On 18th October fifteen Year 6 Hanford girls went to Clayesmore School to take part in ‘A Play in a Day’.  The play we produced was called ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ and was based on the topic of the rain forest.   It was really good fun and we thought that the make-up was fantastic and all of us thought that we really were jungle animals.  We all thought that the planning was absolutely astonishing.

The food was very good and some of us especially loved the biscuits and the KitKats, which were very appetising.  The Clayesmore pupils (boys and girls) were polite and generous and the teachers and staff were easy to talk to and to act with.

All of us in the Fifth Form loved it and we hope that Clayesmore will come to us one day, too.

Written by Maia Wickham and Rosie Kitson, Percival Form.