10 November 2011

Junior Food Committee

• Macaroni cheese is yummy especially when it’s really cheesy!
• Chicken noodle soup is so popular with all the juniors. Please can they have it more often?
• All soups at tea are really nice
• Everyone loves the curry
• Roast dinners are really popular. Can we have more Gammon?
• Banoffie pie - delicious!
• Cornflake crunch - yummy
• Eton mess
• Hot cheesy bread at break is warm & yummy!
• Can’t wait for the hot chocolate to start at break again
• Smoothies are great.

• More homemade cookies
• Hot chocolate at milk & buns
• Take off chocolate mousse as no one likes it!
• Can we have fresh juice sometimes at break instead of squash?
• More DIY meringues!
• More pizza’s for milk & buns?
• More toasties!
• Cut back on iced buns at tea & milk & buns
• For evening milk & buns can we have more cheesy toast, dips & breadsticks, sandwiches, cereals sometimes.
• More variety of juices or in the winter term can we have hot juice for break or milk & buns. Can we try tropical flavour or Ribena for a treat!
• The juniors also asked if they could put ideas in a box for the cooks to look at once or twice a term.


November 2011