6 November 2011

Hanford's Food Committee



• Mara Fane
• Holly Tonkins
• Isabel Wooddisse
• Hermione Hunt-Davis
• Alice McCormick
• Chloe Mohan
• Felicity Holme


• Letty Harris
• Kitty Lee
• Iona Cowan
• Fenella Carr-Smith
• Ophelia Fortescue
• Millie Scott-Hopkins
• Araminta Stubbs
• Emily Newitt
• Ellie Wheatley
• Patricia Olivares

Extracts from the minutes dated 16th October, 2011 

• Food is much improved & they love it!
• Enjoy healthier more exciting options at break & evening milk & buns. Especially love the dips, & cheesy toast & the smoothies.
• Around the world day was very exciting & fun. They would like it twice a term, either side of half term. Can we have a Spanish day to make the Spanish girls feel more at home whilst at school?
• More cauliflower cheese please as they love it!
• Panini’s & chicken noodle soup is loved by all juniors so please can they have more?
• Everyone loves the Eton mess & DIY meringues.
• The ‘real fries’ were yummy but can they be crispier?
• Cheese balls are very popular at junior tea.
• Brownies & ice cream were AMAZING!!

• More variety of breakfast cereals
• No more Flora as it’s stored in spread cupboard & goes all yellow & yucky! Can they have butter at tea & breakfast & not ever have flora.
• Too many hob nobs & Nice at break & can they have more of Di’s homemade cookies?
• Garlic bread is too oily
• More variety of ice cream eg; mint choc chip, raspberry ripple, butterscotch; toffee.
• Please can there always be water put out every day at break; not just juice & milk.
• More variety of breakfast juices as the girls are bored of the same 3 choices. Can Di try to order tropical juice for a change.
• No fruit in flap jacks! ( Sam says more fruit!)
• Can we try different brand of breakfast yogurts eg; petit filous or muller corners ( !!)
• More chocolate biscuit cake
• Less sponge with icing
• More rocky road
• Banana bread
• Suggestions for evening healthy snacks: crudities, dips.. humus, salsa, pitta bread , sugar snap peas, bread sticks
• Can they sometimes have cereals for evening milk & buns?  (even if it was just the seniors).

• Veggie lasagne
• Linguine
• NO QUORN sausages or veggie sausages as Letty doesn’t like them!
• More pasta!

• All girls feel that there is too much choice for the alternative option & that the cooks food is not even tried by some people. So the food committee suggests cutting the alternative option down to see what happens. Also they said that the queues are too long & people are getting too fussy!!
• Tuck was mentioned.  It used to be at break time & the girls are happy that its on both days at weekends but that, as Ellie Wheatley said from a weekly boarder's perspective, is ‘unfair’ as day girls or weekly boarders will never get the chance to ever have Hanford tuck which makes them feel ‘different’.