22 March 2018

Scholarship season, latest resuts

While the 2017/8 Scholarship season is still under way, this has already been such a successful year on the scholarship front. With two more scholarships still to be sat, Hanford girls have already been offered the following scholarships / exhibitions:

Bedales - Academic, Art Scholarship and Music Scholarship (Constance)

Bryanston - Academic Scholarship (Lexie), All-round (the Richard Hunter) Scholarship (Mary), Art Scholarship (Lexie) and DT Scholarship (Tilly C)

Sherborne - Art Scholarship (Amelia) and two Art Exhibitions (Rapha and Zara)

Rory Johnston, Headmaster said - "I would say that this is an exceptional year, but it would appear that - as far as Hanford is concerned - this sort of performance isn’t exceptional: since 2014/5, Hanford girls have received 37 awards from senior schools. Yes. Thirty-seven. They have received academic, all-round, art, DT, drama, music and sports awards - I am not sure that there is a single type of scholarship that we have not been awarded in the past four years."

Below is a picture of all those girls who sat scholarships to senior schools.