8 March 2018

Wonderful afternoon of netball at Leweston where the U11A won all their matches.

The U11A’s travelled to Leweston for an afternoon of netball. The team were in good spirits and keen to put into practice some of the new tactics they had learnt at IAPS. There were five schools participating in the tournament so four matches to play. The first match started well with he girls hungry to get hold of the ball. Defensively we were very strong and so it was just a question of getting the ball back up the court to our shooters, to pop into the net. As the afternoon progressed, the girls displayed moments of lovely netball, with good use of different channels, dogged defence and determined attacking. There were of course moments when the gave the ball away, straight to the opposition which meant they had to work harder to get it back again, but the last match was a super game and the netball was lovely to watch and umpire.

The girls won all their matches and so scored the maximum 20 points. They were crowned the winners, gaining medals and returning back to school with the trophy to go back on the shelf for another year.

All the girls were excellent company and the smiles say it all.