23 January 2018

U11A Netball vs Port Regis

The U11A team played a super game of Netball against Port Regis on Saturday. They had learnt a lot from their day at the Bryanston Tournament, so were beginning to find some rhythm to their game, until they all had to move positions in the second quarter! However, this only made the team stronger and played to their advantage. The girls were energetic and bouncy in defence and made it very difficult for Port Regis to get under the post to shoot. Spacing was better but their is still much to work on, along with timing and dodging forward onto the ball, but this will come. In attack the team fed the circle well and the shots were popping in from all angles. However, the team spirit was the most pleasing part of the game and the way the girls were working so well together. It was a good clean game and Port Regis played well all the way to the final whistle. The final score was 8-3 to Hanford.