9 November 2017

History trip to the M-SHed at the museum of Bristol Life

Year 8, accompanied by Mrs. Northey, Mrs. Rawlingson-Plant and Zoe, one of our Gap Matrons, spent an absorbing morning at M-SHed, the museum of Bristol Life.

The visit was planned to support the girls’ document studies in Slavery for their History Common Entrance. The girls visited Bristol Harbour before participating in a workshop on Bristol’s role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The workshop focused on the degree of people’s involvement in the trade at different levels of society and the ways in which the city became divided over the continuation of slavery and the slave trade. They were able to examine the museum's diverse original and replica collection including shackles, a neck iron, ladies' slave whip, sugar cone and sugar ‘nippers’ as well as a range of contemporary cartoons, letters, ships logs and warehouse records. The girls moved in groups between collections exploring Transport, Plantation Life, Profits and Abolition.

The morning concluded with lunch at the museum, before the long trip back to school for exam revision.