18 October 2017

the U11B's vs Knighton

The Hanford U11B team had the most fantastic afternoon of Hockey against Knighton House on Wednesday. Not only were they super on the pitch but they were an absolute delight to spend the afternoon with. They took to the pitch with enthusiasm and steely calm determination. From a gentle start the girls’ hockey started to take shape and gain pace. Their passing was coming together as they began to look for each other and passed into space, while the tackling was becoming a little more effective and determined. Although the game went Knighton's way in the end, 3-1, the Hanford girls improved significantly over the match and there were moments of complete brilliance from every player on the team. The girls are already looking forward to their next match against Clayesmore and proving that they can get all their kit ready in break time! As well as enjoying another trip on the bus, some more delicious match tea and another hard fought game of Hockey.