18 October 2017

U9's and U8's playing a friendly with Knighton House

On Tuesday all of the third form set off for a fun and friendly game of Hockey against Knighton House. The excitement was immense at the thought of going on the bus and having match tea (as well as playing a little hockey in between.) The girls were exceptional good, and rather quiet on the minibus to Knighton as many were just a little nervous. The match was divided into five minute eighths, with the Hanford girls being divided into two teams. Each team played for five minutes, then swopped off for a regroup and a rest. Initially the pace of the ball on the flat and fast surface was a little surprising to our girls but they soon got to grips with their passing and tackling the opposition (and not our own team!) As the afternoon progresses so did the Hockey and the last two quarters were much more even, with both Hanford teams making it into our attacking semi circles for a possible shot on goal. After the match the Hanford girls were partnered up with a Knighton girl for the walk into teas and a happier group of girls you could not find. Teas were fabulous; everything the Hanford girls had hoped they would have been. The girls returned back to school elated and full of cake!