28 September 2017

UVIth French trip to Normandy

We went to Normandy with the U6 pupils on the 25th of September and spent four fabulous days in France. The girls were absolutely wonderful, always very keen and engaged. It was a great opportunity for them to practise their French as the people at the “chateau de la Baudonnière”, where we were staying, were not allowed to talk in English to them. We visited the Pegasus bridge memorial and the Arromanches museum before having a picnic on one of the famous D-Day beaches. The next day, we went to an open market and had the girls buy their own French picnics.
In addition, girls have been able to do quite a few activities in the “chateau” such as archery and “aeroballe”. They also developed a true passion for football and we will definitely try to have a football activity at Hanford during Summer term. Well done girls and thank you for all these cheerful moments!

Tilly C: “We had a great time in France. I especially enjoyed going to the open market because the shop keepers were very nice and I bought lots of delicious things.”

Lily S: “I loved playing “aeroballe” (a weird kind of trampoline/volleyball game) and I liked spending time with all the animals at the “chateau", especially the peacock. All in all, a very enjoyable experience!”

Tilly B: “I enjoyed the trip on the ferry and the coach. I also liked visiting the Pegasus bridge memorial and the Arromanches museum and going to the beach. The big baguettes sandwiches were delicious and going to the market was also a lovely experience. Finally, I absolutely loved playing football with monsieur Baude as I scored quite a few goals!”