23 September 2017

Junior Camping at Hanford

Some of the IIIrd and IVth form girls enjoyed a weekend of camp craft skills and sleeping under the stars. It was mild weekend puncutated by one heavy downpour, happily the girls had already put their tents up and stowed their belongings away just before the rain came down. There was much excitement as we built the fire and prepared our evening meal to cook in the hot embers. We made a foil parcle containing buger, carrots and potatoes which after cooking in the embers were eaten with a bun. Pudding was an apple, picked from orchard, stuffed with raisins, marshmallows and bits of Mars bar, yummy, which again was gently baked in the hot embers. We ended the eveingin with a good sing song round the camp fire and all slept soundly.