27 June 2017

U6th Science trip to @Bristol

The U6th, accompanied by Mrs Webster, Mrs Maughan and Mrs Christie had an action packed day at @Bristol, the Science Museum.

We started with a workshop entitled “Does having a larger body help animals keep warm?” or “Why are there no mice in the Arctic?” We had to work out the surface area of various mammals, using faux skins and grids and having to do a lot of maths! We worked out that bigger animals were best at living in cold climates. Then we had to work out what surface area we would need if we could make enough of our own food by photosynthesis to provide the energy we need, as plants do. This involved some of us dressing up in a green costume, like a tree, and trying to stick on the extra surface area we needed, which was 19m2 and which was impossible to do!

After that we went to a “hands on” area to have a go at lots of different experiments. This was great fun and we all had different favourite activities. Then it was time for our picnic lunch and another workshop. This time it was on the Science of Scent and we made models of molecules and smelt real samples of what they were. We learnt about different ingredients of perfumes and worked out the types of perfumes we liked.

After a visit to another “hands on” area we went to the Planetarium for a 3D experience of Space. We “visited” other planets and looked at the Earth’s resources and thought about the future of our planet.

It was a long but enjoyable and informative day. We had fun!