19 June 2017

Post CE ... the UVIth go on a Science trip

UVIth Outing to Lorton Meadows.

On one of the hottest days of the year the UVIth along with Mrs Webster, Mrs Maughan and Mrs Catton and two gap matrons went to Lorton Meadows near Weymouth, a nature reserve owned and managed by Dorset Wildlife Trust, with the aim of doing some practical environmental Biology.

Our first activity was pond dipping. We took it in turns to stand on the platform over the pond and used a net to sweep through the water. We scooped up and identified many small pond creatures that you don’t normally see, including newt tadpoles. We really enjoyed looking at them with a magnifying glass and it was satisfying to find so many of specimens of different animals. We then used a scoring system to work out how healthy the pond was, based on what we had found.

We then went into the shade of the wood and used a key to identify different trees by their leaves and then we went tree beating. This was great fun and we collected lots of different invertebrates from the trees. We didn’t realise so tiny creatures many lived in trees and we were amazed at the different coloured types of spiders we saw.

After a picnic lunch we went for a nature walk through part of the reserve. The views were incredible and we saw a huge variety of different types of grasses and learnt that different types grow in different conditions. There were many colourful wild flowers growing and lots of insects too.

It was a really enjoyable day and to make a perfect end to it we stopped for an ice cream on the way back to school!