20 June 2017

Hanford Literary Festival

Olivia Tuffin started the festival with an enthralling talk in the hall on life as an author and how she become a writer.  Linda Coggin hosted a Q&A session with the Vth Form and Julia Golding ran two workshops in the afternoon for our IVth and Vth forms.

On Tuesday the Vth, LVIth and UVIth girls were treated to Piers Torday's talk this morning on 'stories' followed by a book signing and Q&A session.

In the afternoon we were joined by Santa Montefiore and Rebecca Westcott.  This was followed by a wonderfully entertaining talk by Santa in the evening - the grounds at Hanford and the balmy summer evening provided the perfect setting.

On Wednesday we had workshops under the shade of the huge cedar tree with children's author David Solomons. The evening a talk was given on Thomas Hardy's Dorset by guest author Natasha Solomons.