5 June 2017

Clarendon Way Walk 2017 - donations still coming in!


For the second time, the LVI girls at Hanford (and a few UVI veterans from 2016) decided to take part in the Clarendon Way Walk - this year from Broughton to Winchester (14 miles) - in aid of Naomi House and Jacksplace.

A 14 mile walk is no mean feat and the girls achieved the distance not only with ease but also with a great sense of humour and determination. The photos from the finish line prove that there is very little that they cannot do if they put their minds to it.

The walk itself was moderately challenging, both longer than last year and involving a higher climb. After a relatively sluggish start where a number of girls appeared to believe that this was a gentle stroll in the countryside, after six miles the full extent of the challenge was clear. Some of the girls decided then that the best way to finish would be to run. These Hanford girls are crazy.

The final girls walked across the finish line at 5.45 pm - a tired but happy posse. Boots and trainers were swapped for slippers (‘They’re free!’). The early finishers camped by the finish and applauded all the other finishers as they arrived. Energy drinks, hot chocolate, sandwiches, bananas and flap-jacks were consumed in vast quantities. The 200-yard shuffle back to the minibus was a little slower than the walk itself.

On Monday morning, there were a number of tired limbs, sore feet and proud children around the school.

The girls have every right to be proud: not only did they successfully complete a serious physical challenge, but also, they raised over £2,500 for two wonderful charities, Naomi House and Jacksplace.

Huge thanks to parents for their support and congratulations to those who took part.


(Current donations are now over £3,000 as of 12th June)