21 May 2017

South West Schools Biathle at Leweston

Some of Hanford’s bravest and most courageous girls signed up to take on the Leweston Biathle; an event that really challenges their fitness, transition techniques and courage as much as anything. As ever the Hanford girls did so well, setting off on a 300m or 400m run at a great clip, they then had to whip off their shoes, goggles on and jump feet first into the pool, swim up around the buoy and out again. Back through transition to race again around the field at full speed and into the finish, with their lungs gasping for air and their legs feeling like they can not go on. We, the staff and supporters were so proud of them. The 5th form girls came second in the team event, with Ophelia placing 6th and Bea came 3rd in the year 5 competition.