8 May 2017

LVIth History Trip to Houses of Parliament

On Monday 8th May the LVIth went on a trip to the Houses of Parliament.  They woke up at 0630 and had left by 0700.  They arrived at Parliament at 1100.  A wonderful tour guide took them round Parliament which included the House of Commons, the House of Lords and many other important rooms.  The girls found it all fascinating and were extremely pleased when they found out they had entered a room that the Queen could not.  After that they walked past 10 Downing Street and went to Whitehall.  There they saw inside the Banqueting House and the Ruben's ceiling.  To end their day in London they had lunch in a crypt and visited the National Gallery Museum where they saw many amazing paintings including 'The Ambassadors' and George Stubb's 'Whistlejacket'.