16 January 2017

A Hullaballo of a weekend

With no matches on Saturday the girls enjoyed some time to play on the lawn after lunch followed up by trampelining - a very popular activity. Fortunately they were not too worn out after all that bouncing for Saturday evening's Hanford Hullaballo. Fast enjoying near legendary status this evening of barmy fun and silly games, devised by Mr J, is much loved by all the girls. This Saturday's games included: building a tower using Jelly Babies and spaghetti, which is surprisingly taxing as much dexterity is required with the delicate pasta and the sticky sweets, feeding youghurt to a friend...while blindfolded. Another game requiring a blindfold, Bell and Pillow, gets one girl to ring a bell while the other, blinfolded, has to hit them with a pillow. There was blanket chariot racing and nail painting using teeth. Another favourite is Animal Pairs where the girls are asked to make the noise of a particular animal, fish, sheep, pony and find the other girl in the room who has been assinged the same animal as them. Sneakily there is always one animal without a pair and this time it was the turn of the elephant. 

Sunday began in a more sedate fashion - with a pyjama breakfast in the Hall - where the girls were able to stay in their jammies and enjoy a relaxed breakfast. Mrs J and Miss Morrey took Peggy and Truffle up Hod Hill as well as 58 girls and 4 Gappies. The object of the exercise was to give the new Gappies a bearing on their new location and from the top of Hod Hill you can see for miles across the Dorset countryside.