12 September 2016

A busy weekend of fun and games.

The first week of a new academic year is aways busy settling new year groups, dorms and girls.

This term Hanford have 30 new girls joined us bringing the total to 100. The new girls are being shadowed by their Guardian Angels who introduced them to the Hanford grounds this weekend.

On Saturday to work up an appetite for lunch there were activities after lessons which included orienteering, pistol shooting, chess, drama, knitting and sewing, 'build a band' and tennis coaching. After lunch some of the girls went off to matches at Leweston while the remainder enjoyed time in the garden, swimming, climbing trees and playing games. The pizza man arrived on Saturday mid afternoon to help the girls make their own pizzas for supper. They cheerfully set to work kneading and rolling out the dough. Afterwards they were able choose their own toppings leading to some imaginative creations - one girl made a pizza in the shape of a horse’s head. The chilli sauce was particularly popular. Pudding was ice cream and as dusk settled they trooped upstairs to watch a films in the common room.

Sunday was Hanford Hullabaloo, a popular set of fun and games.