4 July 2016

Brexit debate

On Wednesday 22nd June four girls in the U6th debated whether or not to stay or leave the EU. Twogirls debated to stay in and two to leave. Each side had 8 minutes to try and persuade the rest of the school, who all listened to the debate, to vote the way they were arguing in a private ballet straight after the debate.The staff also had to vote, not on their personal views but on which argument they felt was delivered better. There was time too for questions from the floor. There were some excellent ones asked by children of all ages, quite spontaneous and unprepared The girls debating answered these excellently.
The final result was 48 votes to Brexit and 76 to Remain. It was very close and all the debaters had a great time.
It was a fun morning and thank you very much to Mrs. Morgan and Mrs. Northey for organising it!