19 May 2016

Rough Form Field Trip to Kimmeridge Bay

On a bright, breezy day Rough form went to Kimmeridge Bay with Mrs Maughan and Mrs Rough for a Science/English field trip.
First, we visited the “Fine Foundation Marine Centre” for a talk on Kimmeridge and its importance in marine ecology. We saw slides of the animals and seaweeds we would see and learnt how they fitted into food chains and webs.
After that we went in to the Marine Centre, which had tanks containing fish, crabs, shrimps, sea anemones and lots of other animals, so we could see them clearly.
We then went down to the shore where there were lots of rock pools and we found a pool to study, The first thing we did was to just look and see how many different types of creatures we could see and tried to count how many of each there were. We found lots of snails, limpets, barnacles and sea anemones. We then got fishing nets and white trays so that we could study them closer. We managed to catch glimpses of fish (blennies) but could not catch them, however, we did catch a shrimp.
We then did some English, when we thought about words to do with the sea and tried to personify it and describe the sea in preparation for some poetry. We then wrote sentences as to how we would feel if we were an animal in a rock pool!
We had a lovely picnic lunch, sitting on the top of the cliffs, looking at the sea and hoping that the seagulls would not steal our crisps and sandwiches. On the way back to Hanford we stopped for a delicious Purbeck ice-cream, which was a lovely way to finish the day.