16 May 2016

Another Glorious Weekend

It was a positive, comparative and superlative weekend at Hanford.

There was sport aplenty: rounders v. Knighton House, tennis v. Leweston and the biathle - running, swimming and more running - at Leweston. We also managed to fit in a few free swims each afternoon.

While the girls in the Vth Form got themselves ready for camping or rather (if their tents, duvets, onesies and foodie treats were anything to go by) glamping, there was a walk to Child Okeford for the IIIrd and IVth Forms in search of a strawberry split, Choco Crunch or orange refresher...


Another beautiful evening on Saturday provided the perfect opportunity for another barbecue. One might have been forgiven for thinking that the burgers, sausages, sweetcorn and salads would have been more than enough - but even after all that there was a little surprise in store. Naomi had baked a wonderful selection of cakes: chocolate, lemon drizzle and spiced apple.

More delicious.

On Sunday morning, the choir went to St Nicholas, Child Okeford, to sing in the Eucharist. It was lovely to be supported by so many parents. After the service, the girls were treated to a pastry or two: apricot, cinnamon swirl or custard.

Even more delicious.

For lunch on Sunday, we slightly broke with tradition: given the beautiful weather, we decided to have a picnic on the lawn: ham, salami, olives, chicken drumsticks, coronation chicken, salad, brie...

Most delicious.

Then, in the afternoon, the girls had the opportunity to try their hands at archery. There were bulls' eyes and popped balloons aplenty. For some reason, the Headmaster was less keen to sit himself between the targets. Many thanks to Wild Edge - for the second time this term.