26 April 2016

Hectic First Weekend

It was a hectic first weekend of term, with some 60 girls enjoying a wide range of fun and games at Hanford. Most of the new girls stayed in and took an active part in all of the activities.

On Saturday afternoon, while various rounders teams were out at Sandroyd and Port Regis, the remaining girls took part in a photographic treasure hunt, looking for padlocks, stained glass windows and even the number plate of a car which had been driven off...

In the early evening, as the girls played games on the lawn, the pizza man arrived and set up his wood-fired oven outside the front door. All the girls rolled their own pizzas, added a selection of toppings (with anchovies, black olives and mushrooms not universally popular) and then ate their pizzas fresh from the oven. Beware the chilli oil, Maria.

On Saturday morning, the girls in the Lower VIth went for a little (10km) potter in advance of the Clarendon Way walk in June: along to Childe Okeford, up Ham Hill, across to Stourpaine via Hod Hill and then back along the river and through the maize field. Not a blister in sight. Hooray.

When the walkers returned, there was a big cheer. It was not, however, for them. It was for Mrs J who had fired a water balloon forty metres across the lawn and hit a pirate ship.

The Aztec Challenge saw the lawn transformed into a Health and Safety nightmare: dinosaur eggs, gold tennis balls, life rafts, quick sand, molten lava. After skilfully making their way through all the obstacles, the girls had the opportunity to fire a cannonball (well, a water balloon really) at three targets: a couple of pirate ships and a Headmaster on a reclining chair. The pirate ships were sunk. The Headmaster, miraculously, survived unscathed. Best shot of the day: Annabel L-J.

The day was rounded off with a beautiful spring evensong.