17 March 2016

IIIrd and IVth Form World Book Day

Inspired by World Book Day the girls have enjoyed bringing their favourite book characters to life, challenging members of the Form to guess who they are by inviting them to pose questions that could only be answered by yes or no. Each girl was invited to choose a couple of props that would help to portray their character with out giving away too many clues. Many of the girls made their own props and were able to introduce themselves with quite obscure facts in an effort to keep the rest of the Form guessing for as long as possible.

Following an introduction made by Lucy Hancock, one of our 3rd Form pupils, we were very privileged to spend an hour in the company of the author Elizabeth Laird via Skype. Girls from the 3rd, 4th and 5th Form gathered in the library to ask questions about her life as an author and hear how she has been inspired to write as a result of her travels and experiences living abroad. Not only did Elizabeth Laird give us many tips about writing she also read to us from her book, ‘The Fastest Boy in The World.’ I know many of us are very keen to finish the story