5 February 2016

Bryanston Science Day

On Tuesday 2nd February Lewis form went to Bryanston School with Mrs Maughan for a Science Activities Day for Prep schools, accompanied as well by Jessie, a gap matron.

The day started with a talk from Dr. Kearney about the history of flight, from Icarus to the Wright brothers to the present day. He had lots of models to show us how things can fly.

Then we had lunch – there were lots of yummy choices, so for some it was tricky to choose!

After lunch we went to the Sanger Centre, Bryanston’s huge Science Department to do 3 different activities.

In Biology we had to use Forensics to discover who had kidnapped the monkey! This including fingerprinting, hair samples, DNA and even working out if the kidnapper had sugar in their tea. We solved the crime and didn’t have to hand over the ransom of chocolate biscuits but were allowed to eat them!
In the Chemistry labs we identified metals from the coloured flames they produced and we had a go at firewriting by drawing a shape on a piece of paper with a chemical and burning it away with a Bunsen burner flame.
In Physics some of us made speakers and played music through them. Some of us learnt about light, taking photos and even made a pinhole camera to use to take pictures.

We really enjoyed our day and learnt how Science is used in lots of different ways.