10 October 2015

The Vth form return from France


The Vth Form has just returned from the annual cross-curricular trip to France. Great fun was had by all as interviews were conducted at Ecole Ste Marie in Valognes, ice-creams and lunch ordered in Bayeux, goats stroked at La Chèvrerie de la Huberdière and games were played on the beach on the delightful little island of Tatihou. Girls enjoyed visiting the Bayeux Tapestry and used their haggling skills at the market. They learned how goats’ cheese is made and made the most of every opportunity to hear, read and speak French. They were praised wherever we went!

Here are some of their comments:

‘I enjoyed going to the school and singing to them.’
‘I really liked going to the museum on the island.’
‘I really enjoyed our French Trip. Our rooms were nice and the atmosphere was lovely.’
‘I LOVED France.’
‘The island was really cool.’
‘The market was really good. Everyone was French!’
‘I loved the goats’ cheese.’
‘I enjoyed the restaurant because we had a lot of fun and the food was yummy.’
‘The food was amazing.’
‘The island was very pretty.’
‘The man who owned the restaurant was very nice.’
‘It was so fun.’
‘I loved the market; it was brilliant!’
‘Having our own island was amazing.’
‘My favourite part was when we went to the school. We were really, really nervous, but it was fun.’
‘France was my best trip ever. I had so much fun.’
‘We went to the cathedral in Bayeux. It was such fun.’
‘The food was so nice. The French drink hot chocolate from a bowl and sometimes they have cornflakes in it.’
‘France was beautiful.’
‘We saw amazing things like the Bayeux Tapestry and cathedral.’
‘Thank you for an amazing trip!’