8 October 2015

Charcoal Making

 The girls from Godden form and Lucy spent a wonderful wet Monday morning deep in Bonsley Woods in Durweston with Jim Bettle a charcoal maker and member of the Dorset Coppice Society. We learnt about charcoal making, how to pack a kiln with hazel and learnt about coppicing and working with sustainable woods, and how to make charcoal. We draw vast tree pictures with charcoal in the ' Living Classroom' amongst the trees and had a wonderful time experimenting with different sizes and shapes of charcoal. We washed in charcoal dust soap from Lush (who use the dust for their product) which to our delight came out clean ! We learnt how important it is to use British charcoal and not the imported stuff that is all made from rain forest trees.
It was a creative and informative morning and the girls were thoroughly engaged and excited about this ancient and useful product !