26 September 2015

Visit to Hod Hill and New Barn

Mrs Rough took YIII enjoyed a walk to the top of Hod Hill and a visit to New Barn Living History centre on Friday 18th September. They all had a wonderful time and hopefully learned a lot about the Celts and their life style. The day started with a walk to the top of Hod Hill.

At the top of Hod Hill are ditches once used by the Celts as a means of defence. To the great surprise of the girls at the back of the party, those that made it to the top first, charged out of the ditch and pretended to attack the enemy. After taking in the magnificent view of the Stour Valley and imagining what it would have been like to live in a settlement on Hod Hill they then drove on to Dorchester for lunch. 

After lunch they were introduced to Celtic warrior, Celtic Dave, who was extrememly informative about life in Roman and Iron Age Britain. The girls then had to grind flour, make butter and paint a slave tag after which they were given a tour of a round house and a Romo-Britain’s house.

The girls were given our flour and butter to take back to school and hope to build a fire and bake bread and some biscuits in their next History lesson on Friday.