20 May 2015

Peter Bay talk about childhood in South Sudan

Visiting teacher from South Sudan talks to the whole school about life as a child in one of Africa’s most troubled countries.
Peter Bay used to be principal of the Koto’bi Teacher Training Institute at Mundri in South Sudan where four students are being sponsored by the Blackmore Vale Deanery.
Peter is now studying on a postgraduate scholarship programme at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester. When he returns home, he wants to raise crops and keep cattle at school so that the children can stay for the whole day rather than walking home many miles for lunch and having an interrupted education as a result.
He talked about children in South Sudan and the difficulties they face in doing the simplest of things as well as how determined they are to get an education, often in classes of 100 or more. The girls were very moved by his visit and were left with lots to think about.