4 May 2015

Nepal Earthquake

 On Sunday morning, the girls raised £127 in Chapel to support the victims of the earthquake in Nepal. This sum will be sent to the Gurkha Welfare Trust - a charity based in Salisbury which is looking to support those affected by this disaster.


On Friday 8th May, one of our LVI girls who visited Nepal over the holidays, gave a brief talk to the rest of the school about the earthquake and its impact:-

'We are fundraising for a very special cause, the disaster in Nepal which was incredibly devastating.  I know about Nepal because i lived there for the first four years of my life.  Nepal is such an amazing country where sadly people are alot less fortunate than us.  They have very little and now some have nothing at all.  

The strength of this earthquake in Nepal was 7.8 (which is incredibly powerful) and it mostly affected the capital, Kathmandu, causing roughly 2,000 deaths.  I was in Nepal shortly before it happened and having been there i know how bad the damage will have been.  The buildings there aren't built to sustain earthquakes because it is a poor country.  Nepal also suffers from landslides and avalanches very often.  Since trekking is the way most of the Nepalese make their money, there will not be any money coming in which i'm afraid to say will make things alot worse.

This is such a worthwhile cause so please do give generously.  Every single penny really does make all the difference, especially in Nepal'.