11 March 2015

Chinese Language and Cultural Day

On Tuesday 10th Match the LVI enjoyed a wonderful Chinese language and culture day at St Mary’s Shaftesbury.

We had lots of fun, starting the day by counting from one to ten in Mandarin Chinese and greeting each other, moving on to learning how to write the characters in a calligraphy lesson and then making a menu in Chinese for the amazing food we were to eat at lunchtime. The chopstick race was also great fun! We had to pick up sweets and get them to the end of the table, just using chopsticks.

After lunch two St Mary’s Chinese girls gave spectacular performances of dance and playing the zither and then we had a fun lesson in Tai Chi on the lawn, before learning how to say the colours and what we like and dislike in Chinese. Mrs Martin was a great teacher and we learnt raps and songs to help us remember everything.

All in all we had a wonderful day and took away lots of Chinese knowledge, as well as our calligraphy pens, scrolls, chopsticks and a fortune cookie and other goodies.

Thank you so much Madame Rowland and a huge thank you to Mrs Martin and everyone at St Mary’s who made this day possible and such fun.

Here are some other comments from the day:

t was a very fun day.  We arrived not kow word nd came bc fluen.  We st dow all spread out but I was with Minna and Emily and with people from Knighton and St Mary's.  Then we learned the alphabet after about 17 times of trying I finally got it.  Then we had a race with Chinese chopsticks.  I have to say there was a lot of cheating involved.  We split up in to two groups.  First we went to the art room and did Chinese writing.  We had to hold what looked like a paint brush but wasn't then we went over to the main building and did numbers 1 to 10, then we had noodles for lunch.  Sophie Tompkins

We learned the numbers 1 to 10 and we had a chopstick race, then we had a break, then we did Chinese writing with special pens.  We had a Chinese lunch and after lunch we did Tai Chi.  We listened to a Chinese girl play a special instrument and we watched a girl dance.  Ishbel Scott

At the beginning I didn't know any Chinese but after a while you got used to it.  We learned to use chopsticks.   Carrying sweets from one plate to the other was a great way to teach us!  After a quick snack we enjoyed making Chinese menus.  Soon after we had a delicious Chinese lunch.  Then we did some super cool Chinese dancing with a lady who taught us a lot of new moves.  After we did a rap to some colours and numbers.  I really enjoyed myself and I loved all the Chinese we learned.  I am also grateful to all the people who organised the event.  Isabel Butler

I really enjoyed Chinese day.  I really learned a lot.  I learned two songs, some Tai Chi movements and I have also come to like Chinese food.  I think my favourite bit was the Tai Chi because all of us joined in while Mrs Bow did her moves.  The Chinese instrument was just amazing.  The girl who played it looked like she was having fun and also her fingers moved so elegantly as they moved along the strings.  I would really like to learn the language because I find it fascinating.  Lola Payne

We learned numbers in Chinese and colours and we also learned how to eat with chopsticks with a sweet eating competition  We learned how to draw using calligraphy which was fabulous.  It was a brilliant and unforgettable day. Minna

I really enjoyed going to St Mary's for a Chinese day.  We learned lots of things about China.  We learned Chinese and we did calliigraphy and then we learned Tai Chi and saw a Chinese dance and music.  All the LVIth had so much fun! - Edmee

We wrote our own menus in Chinese and we did calligraphy writing in Chinese with special pens.  We had a Chinese lunch and after that one of the Chinese girls danced and another girl played an instrument.  We had so much fun that day. - Beatrice

I liked doing calligraphy because I had done a bit in Japan.  The Tai Chi stretches made my muscles ache but I like doing the rolling ball movement.  The teacher was very clear with her English and made sure we understood.  We made menus in Chinese but mine wasn't very good so I didn't win.  The food was excellent but I loved the prawn crackers and ice cream the most. - Honor

Chinese day was great fun.  We all learned lots of Chinese and how to pronouce some accents.  We got chopsticks and had to move sweets up the table on plates to learn how to use them.  They taught us some numbers and we did a dance routine  to it so that we would remember it. We had a special Chinese lunch with prawn crackers and noodles.  We did dancing after lunch with someone from China and we watched some Chinese girl do a concert.  We got a gift bag with lots of Chinese things. - Emily