26 February 2015

French Day at Leweston

LVI has just been to Leweston to watch a hilarious comedy called ‘The world’s gone French’ performed by the Onatti Theatre Company. Before we watched the play we, along with Knighton House School and some junior classes at Leweston, were invited to participate in a workshop. We were put into groups to create our own versions of the play we were later going to watch. There was much giggling, but some rather splendid scenes, written and acted by the children, before we participated in a professional version of the play.

The play was about great confusion caused to an English boy, Nathan, after his mother had bought a jigsaw puzzle of the world and suddenly started speaking French! Not only his mother, but his sister and grandmother too! Nathan had to improve his French very quickly and he not only succeeded in doing so, but also solved the puzzle of the missing jigsaw pieces, which were of the French Speaking countries in the world. Eventually he finds all the missing pieces and his life goes back to normal. He is now not frightened of hearing and speaking French, because he knows it’s really not that hard to understand or speak!
Fiona Rowland

The girls all loved the event and here are some of the things they said about it in French:

J’ai adoré la pièce de théâtre!
Tout le monde était très gentil.
Nous nous sommes bien amusées.
Nous avons écrit une pièce de théâtre et nous avons joué beaucoup de rôles.
J’ai joué le rôle de Nathan.
Les acteurs étaient superbes.
J’ai appris beaucoup de français.
On a bien mangé!
Le sac de petits cadeaux était généreux.

Madame Cot a organisé une journée fantastique! Merci beaucoup!