14 January 2015

Term gets off to a busy start

Term started exactly one week ago and in that time not only has there been much work in the classroom, but also we have enjoyed matches against Knighton House and Clayesmore and had activities aplenty: the Hanford Hullabaloo involved eating chocolate in gloves and a hat with a knife and fork, feeding other girls yoghurt, digging sweets out of bowls of flour with teeth, passing an orange from chin to chin... I could go on.

In the evenings, there have been several opportunities for creativity: some of the UVI girls have begun work on a clothes project (designing and making skirts and even onesies), other girls have been taking part in art clubs and pottery clubs. The younger girls have been doing plenty of reading: on Sunday, the girls in the Third and Fourth Forms gathered in the Drawing Room to read Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr Fox; and this evening the Headmaster began reading The Indian in the Cupboard to the Third Form.

Tomorrow the runners are off to the Dorset Schools' cross-country. On Friday, the UVI girls will be doing some reeling practice and then on Saturday we have a visit from the Portman Hunt, followed by pizza-making and film night, with a geocaching trip on Sunday.

Happy new year.