16 October 2014

UVIth Theatre Trip

On Thursday 16th October the UVIth forms enjoyed a visit to Poole Lighthouse Theatre to see a dramatisation of Michael Morpurgo’s novel, ‘Private Peaceful’.

In this centenary year of the start of the First World War, some of our older girls have been reading and studying the poems of Wilfred Owen, so this was a good opportunity to further develop their understanding of this terrible conflict.

The production itself is presented in monologue form and tells the story of Tommo Peaceful, a young recruit. Tommo looks back on his life as he spends the night in a cell, awaiting the dawn when he will be shot for cowardice in the face of the enemy.* The production required concentration and then encouraged thoughtful reflection and worthwhile discussion.

* in a change from the book where it is Tommo’s brother, Charlie, who faces execution.