7 October 2014

Mrs C's Day

Shortly after games yesterday, the girls disappeared to get into their costumes in preparation for Mrs C's day - and what costumes there were: we had the Family von Trapp, Alice in Wonderland (with Tweedledum, Tweedledee, the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, the White Queen... I could go on), 101 Dalmatians (not to mention Cruella Deville), cowgirls and Indians, 007, cats, bears, tigers, Fantastic Mr Fox, magicians and witches and even a couple of sumo wrestlers. The staff got in on the act too, Sherlock Holmes, an English Knight and even an American footballer all made an appearance. Stanley the dog came in his favourite bee costume...

After a bit of a parade (without the orders and the military discipline), the girls rushed inside for a wonderful tea of hot dogs, crisps, rice crispie cakes, mini donuts and, of course, chocolate cake. Then outside for a few more games and the party was over.

Another humdrum day in the life of a far from humdrum school?