5 October 2014

Vth Form, France and Fun!

Fifth Form, France and Fun!

The Vth Form has just spent 3 days in Normandy with Mme Rowland, Mme Granados and Mrs Mackay. We stayed on the idyllic island of Tatihou, a few minutes by boat off the coast from St-Vaast-la-Hougue near Cherbourg. Each day we rejoined the mainland for educational activities and lots of fun. Here are some comments from the girls:

"I think the trip helped me improve my French accent."

"I most enjoyed the market because I liked bargaining for things."

"I think the trip to the school improved my French."

"It was really fun."

"I especially liked the market."

"I noticed the French sell lots of veg and drive on the other side of the road."

"I thought the trip was amazing and really helped my French."

"The food was amazing."

"In France they have very polite manners."

"I thought the French trip was really exciting. We went on lots of different adventures."

"We saw a seal in the sea and we played on our last night and got soaking wet."

"It was so much fun."

"The school was interesting and we did interviews and sang with the children."

"My favourite bit was the goat farm when Monsieur and Madame Lefort spoke to us in French."

"I most enjoyed going to the market and speaking French."

"It was amazing."

"I liked seeing the goats and trying their cheese."

"I most enjoyed going to the Bayeux Tapestry because it is a really famous and beautiful tapestry."

"Michel and Béa were so kind and we ate yummy ice-cream."