23 June 2014

Chalke Valley History Festival

On Monday 23rd June the girls from Rough set off to the Chalke Valley History Festival. Hanford was sponsoring the talk by Christopher Lloyd, author of the ‘What on Earth’ series of books.

There were very few people at the festival when we arrived so we were lucky enough to be able to visit some of the stands. We watched a demonstration of pot making and decorating and saw a Long House in the process of being built. We were then taken to the trenches to experience what it was like for the soldiers in the First World War. They must have had a rough time of it, the guns were very loud and it was very cramped and dangerous. Not long after we entered the trench, we heard a massive explosion and were showered with soil as it flew over the parapet.

At 5 o’clock we gathered in a big tent to listen to Christopher Lloyd. Fenella and Isobel introduced the speaker and we were entertained by a fascinating and amusing history of the world in 60 minutes. After the talk Mrs Rough bought a copy of his book and Christopher Lloyd signed it for us.

By Alice Wooddisse and Charlotte Butt