12 June 2014

Senior Wessex - Results

Many congratulations to everyone who took part at King's Park in the Senior Wessex Athletics Championships.

The following girls have qualified for the Nationals - well done!

Hermione Hunt-Davis 70m Hurdles
Poppy Napier 100m and Long Jump
Tiggy Lee 800m and High Jump
Betsy Board 1500m



70m Hurdles Poppy Napier Heat: 3rd 12.94s Final: 3rd 13.1s
100m Poppy Napier Heat: 1st 14.4s Final: 2nd 14.2s
200m Sophie Tompkins Heat: 5th 34.4s
800m Tiggy Lee
Final: 1st 2.50.5m
1500m Betsy Board
Final: 2nd 5.43.7m
4x100m Relay Carlota/Tiggy/Betsy/Poppy Heat: 1st 61.6s Final: 5th

Shot Betsy Board
Final: 10th 5.70m
Javelin Sophie Tompkins
Final: 8th 14.83m
Long Jump Poppy Napier
Final: 2nd 3.89m
High Jump Tiggy Lee
Final: 1st 1.28m


70m Hurdles Hum Hunt-Davis Heat: 1st 12.5s Final: 2nd 13.2s
100m Amelia Etherington Heat: 4th 14.6s
200m Amelia Etherington Heat: 4th 31.2s
800m Hum Hunt-Davis
Final: 7th 2.56m
1500m Ella Potts
Final: 8th 3.89m
4x100m Relay Ella/Georgie/HumAmelia
Final: 7th 6.13.7s

Shot Georgina Clark
Final: 11th 5.42m
Javelin Amelia Etherington
Final: 12th 13.59m
Long Jump Ella Potts
Final: 14th 3.61m
High Jump Hum Hunt-Davis
Final: 5th= 1.20m