19 May 2014

Vth Form Meet Some Butterflies

Beatrice's letter to Catherine and Megan at Dorset Butterfly Conservation

Dear Catherine and Megan

Thank you for the lovely day that we had when you came in to Hanford.

All the information will be useful for me because at home we have two lilac trees which attract many butterflies.  There are also a lot of caterpillars in our garden and on a few occasions we would keep one in a special box until it was a fully grown butterfly.  My favourite was the Common Blue as it was a beautiful colour.

It is good to know that only four or five types of moth eat our clothes.  I enjoyed holding my favourite moths, the Puss-Moth and the Log-Moth. They tickled when they walked all over me.  I hope the plants that we planted will grow healthy and strong and that they will lure the butterflies.

Thank you again for coming and hope you come again soon.

Yours sincerely

Beatrice Bowder

on behalf of the Vth Form